Bar Cart Details: How to Style!

I’ll start by sharing that a bar cart has essentially become a design staple in many homes.

The way you choose to style your bar cart or console is essentially a reflection of your space and what you feel should be included.

Bar carts have transformed into a modern array of decor and beverage presentation; bridging the gap between presentation and entertainment.

I have created this blog post as a means to provide insight on some considerations for item selection and styling for your bar as well as to share with you the details on my own personal bar cart.


Bar Cart/Console Dimensions

Understanding the size and proportion of your bar cart will allow you to select the appropriate items to design with. Myself personally, I have narrow sized rows on my cart. This doesn’t allow for too many on a flat surface; a way around this is by increasing the dimensions. Elevating items on cake stands or stackable items like books and jars allow you to squeeze in more items and also create elevation in your design.


In my opinion, complimenting accents and metals is an integral part of designing your space. Having a gold cart with silver accents with mainly gold accents in your overall space can begin to throw off the flow of your items. Choose decorative accents that complement your cart; this doesn’t mean that you’re excluded from your bright colors or prints. Just make it make sense visually and via placement. In example, I would place a bold colored object centrally if its the only other object on that row or I would place two polka dot accent boxes on the same row but on each side.

Cart Deets

I acquired my bar cart from ZGallarie. It’s a circle shaped two-tier cart on wheels with gold metal and a faux white leather engraved surface. My cart itself I got at a fairly decent price point after purchasing during a sale. For my cart, I definitely wanted something sleek but stylish and not too bulky or big; hence the narrowness and bar cart height. This cart is on sale now for an additional 25% off during Black Friday sales.


Cart Styling  

I began styling my cart as soon as I received it. As time passes I add and pull items just depending on my mood and how I feel about its view.. I decided to keep my cart as true as a reflection of me that I could while also including gifts and souvenirs for character. The main focus on my cart I would say is the champagne collection. I have two unopened bottles of Moet X Off-White and one opened bottle of Veuve which I use as a flower vase periodically. Champagne is my go-to beverage of choice; I’m the true definition of champagne diet. Also featured centrally on the top shelf are two miniature bottles of Patron which were purchased in a collectors kit from the Turks and Caicos. The top shelf also houses a clear glass pitcher which for me is chic and comes in handy during entertaining times, candles which I love from Boy Smells, Moroccan printed drink glasses, and La Croix sparkling water. The bottom shelf houses centrally a gorgeous blue and gold foil paper box from Target, a patterned shopping bag that I couldn’t get myself to toss from Anthropologie, a gifted buddha from my older brother he acquired this on a trip to Tangier, Morocco, and adjacent to the other glass pitcher are three carafes which I typically use for entertaining and specifically boozy brunches.